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"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." -- Albert Einstein

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Hello, I'm David Morgan, and this is my web page.

(Are you looking for a David Morgan who isn't me? Maybe you are a David Morgan who isn't me. I've been thinking of setting up links, email redirects and/or subdomains for my namesakes -- send email if this would be helpful.)

At the moment it mostly contains good, wholesome code. Actually I wrote the bulk of it over four years ago, so it mostly contains bad yet brilliantly inspired code.

I've recently decided to begin updating it again after a long hiatus, so, we'll see where that ends up. It could be interesting.

Please feel free to have a look around. Join me in remembering the joys of QBASIC!

There are many languages mentioned in these pages, and more will follow. Such variety is a wonderful thing, until you have to maintain code (that you didn't write, naturally) in each and every one of them. The best advice then is to print out this diagram and make sure everyone gets a copy.

New Things

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To obtain my email address:

  1. Figure out my first name
  2. Ask someone knowledgable what the name of this website is
  3. Find a symbol of this nature: @

Then concatenate the third and second items, in that order; finally concatenate this whole and the first item, in the only permissable order.

There -- I challenge any robot trawling for addresses to figure that lot out... in fact, why not see if you can work it out, just for a laugh?

I used to use whitelist email filtering, and would encourage people to write 'unhideme' in their emails to prove their non-spam credentials. Unfortunately that whole system died with my PC, and I don't yet have it set up on my shiny little Mac. So these days you can just email me.